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Tailor-made German language holidays
The tailor-made German language holidays are suitable for beginners to near native speakers and for people of all ages from 18 onwards. The combination of intensive one-to-one German language training with complete immersion in your free time will enable you to make maximum progress in a minimum amount of time, whilst having an interesting and,  if you want, a relaxing holiday.

  • Intensive one-to-one German language training, 3-8 lessons of 45 minutes each day with a professional German tutor, lessons tailor-made to your needs and aims.
  • Complete immersion in the German language in your free time. With or without your tutor: Choose between hill walking, horse riding, Yoga, skiing, art courses . Explore Freiburg and the Blackforest by bike, bus or train. Go to the cinema, talks, the pub and speak German only.

We also offer Business German for all industries and can prepare you for exams including the Goethe Insitute exams, TestDaf,  A-levels and more.

We suggest that you come for a minimum of one week. Ideally, you could stay 2 weeks or longer.  

Please read some student feedback:

German in Freiburg is a true gem of a program. I’ve studied German in many school and private settings, none were even close to this effective. The tailor made one-on-one lessons manage to be both demanding and fun at the same time. With great pedagogical insight Barbara and her team target exactly those skills you most want to develop. Classroom time is paced just right, pushing you enough to make rapid progress but with support and encouragement every step of the way. In addition to the talented instructors what distinguished this program from all the others I have taken is how tightly it integrated in-class meetings with real-world activities. We would read a newspaper article about a new farm cooperative and then walk over and tour it. We would take the 15 minute tram to the gorgeous old town, tour museums, and have lunch at a traditional restaurant—speaking German the entire time, of course. Homework would include seeing a German art film or play and writing a review. If you’re fortunate enough to enroll, consider staying in Vauban. This cute Freiburg suburb allows you to have a 2 minute walking commute to class, five minute walk to great hiking, and 15 minute direct tram ride to downtown Freiburg. Regardless of your level, the combination of such an idyllic setting and such effective language instruction simply can’t be beat. Michael Penn, Professor Stanford University, USA. Level of German: C1. Michael came for 3 weeks in Spring 2018. His research at the British Library took him to London in August 2018 where he booked a further course at our London branch.

The week I spent in Freiburg met my objectives for the course. We covered specific technical accounting material very thoroughly, but I also found that speaking aternoons and evenings with a German family improved my conversational German significantly. Overall, the course was well tailored to my requirements. Kevin Smith, Finance Manager, TRW, Level of German: advanced. Kevin moved to Germany four days after the course to start a new job with the Gelsenkirchen branch of TRW.

I found this course to be absolutely perfect for learning German, not just German for exams and degrees but also to actually learn how to speak colloquially. Stimulating and enjoyable, the course is taylor made for your interests and areas you wish to develop in speaking German, an excellent opportunity to experience Germany fully whilst interacting with native speakers. Seamus Mulready, student . Level of German: upper intermediate/advanced (Seamus came a few weeks prior to his German A-level exams. He did very well !)

The city’s special location, Switzerland and France at 1 hour distance and then, the Black Forest (...)makes Freiburg an irresistible paradise (…)I found the set up of the lessons wonderful(…)I particularly found rewarding the ‘home work’ i.e. ‘ please, this afternoon, go to shop ‘so and so’ and find out how much it cost to buy curtains: the measurements, the delivery and installation (…)I would like to pay special homage to the family that welcomed me so warmly. I enjoyed breakfast time with that family. Time to get together, I loved it (…) Jone Arrizabalaga, Marketing Coordinator, Level of German: Advanced beginner. Jone came after only one beginners course with German Tuition, London. It was amazing to watch her progress in confidence, understanding and speaking in only one week of diving right into German.

Thanks for organising the holiday in Freiburg. Everything went very well indeed I thought. It was a particularly valuable opportunity for me to speak and hear German uninterrupted for 5 days. Andrew Jones, Director of Music , Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon. Level of German: Near native speaker. We organized for Andrew a tailormade package without lessons in the class room. He went cycling, sightseeing and to a concert with Christoph Meyer from our "companion team" and joined a walking group in the Blackforest..