Freiburg is one of the most attractive cities of Germany. Located in the South West France and Switzerland are nearby. Freiburg and the Freiburg area are some times called the Toscana of Germany with the highest number of sunny days. Freiburg has been a University town since 1457 and 10% of the population of 200 000 are students.

The cultural life is broad and of very high standard, the old town full of historic little streets, pubs and restaurants for every budget. The cathedral dominates the skyline and the daily market in the cathedral square sells fresh local produce and handicrafts.

The Freiburg area offers unlimited possibilities for half-day or day trips:  Walking, skiing, and exploring picturesque villages in the Black Forest, wine tasting in the Kaiserstuhl, visits to Basel, Colmar or Stra├čburg are just a few examples. 

Freiburg for a long time has been considered the ecological capital of Germany. The Fraunhofer Insitute for Solar Energy Systems is only one of many institutes, which research alternative forms of energy. Many houses are Passiv houses or Plus Energy houses and Freiburg-Vauban, the location of Deutsch in Freiburg is a model for ecological living, with groups of architects and city planners from all over the world visiting regularly.