Do you live in Freiburg and would like to communicate better in your daily life? Do you have a German partner and would like to better communicate better with family and friends? Are you quite a confident speaker but have ongoing problems with German grammar? Are you coming up to an exam in school or at University or would you like some advice on qualifications in German?

Whatever your motivation, let’s have a  first informal chat to find out your needs, next steps, and longer-term goals.

10 lessons/45 minutes: €390
20 lessons/45 Minuten: €720
30 lessons/45 Minuten: €990
Add 10% for every additional person in a mini group.

In our classroom in Freiburg.Vauban, online per Zoom/Skype or in your office or home. Depending on where you are located, a travel fee may apply.

Duration of your German course: Extentiv, for instance, once a week 90 minutes or intensive, for example, 10-30 lessons per week.

Fees German for professional purposes