In your company or home, our classroom or online:

Do you work in an office, in the manual trade sector, as a doctor, nurse, social worker or musician? We will offer you a tailor-made German language training program. We look forward to a first chat to discuss your individual needs and aims or those of your company. If you wish we also prepare you for the exams offered by the Goethe-Institute, which are recognized worldwide

10 lessons/45 minutes: €490
20 lessons/45 minutes: €940
30 lessons/45 minutes: €1350

10 lessons/60 minutes €630
20 lessons/60 minutes: €1220
30 lessons/60 minutes: €1770

10 lessons/90 minutes: €940
20 lessons/90 minutes €1820
30 lessons/90 minutes: €2640

Minigroup: Add 10% for each additional student  and share course fees. Add 10% for classes before 9am, after 7pm and at the weekend. 

In our classroom in Freiburg-Vauban (as from 120 minutes) , your office or home or online per Zoom or Skype. Depending on the location of your home or office a travel charge may apply.

Tailor-made hybrid courses: Mix and match longer class room lessons with shorter online lessons.