About us

Barbara Classen

Barbara is the founder and director of German Tuition London in London (1995) und Deutsch in Freiburg (2006). She is passionate about brainstorming the best German language training solution for your needs.  She believes that learning a foreign language actively contributes to happiness and at the age of 52 started a part time BA in Spanish Language and culture.

Caroline Willand

Caroline is from Austria and has lived in Freiburg for the last 25 years. She has worked as a German tutor since 2013 and specializes in one-to-one lessons. This way she can best bring her skills to teaching: To find out exactly, what a student needs to customize her lessons. Caroline has an eclectic mix of interests: Her background in cultural studies and her own writing as a published author  contribute to her stimulating German courses.

Esther Bartmann

Esther has worked for  Deutsch in Freiburg since 2006  and has had many happy students since. She is our online specialist and has students all over the world. Her German intensive courses in Freiburg are fun, effective and tailored to your (professional) situation.  She believes in lifelong learning and recently started to learn Italian. She would die for her dogs George and Bonnie.